Why Australia Is Strangest Place On Earth?

1.Another Normal Day In Restaurant

girl walking through her crocodile

2.Someone Said Get Wilder

spiders family building home

3.Hey, Let’s play together in your room for sometime?

snake inside room

4.Making Sure Trash Can Is Clear

Big crab

5. Hey, I am cute or scary?

kind of caterpillar but not caterpillar

6.When you want to use your shoe, Take me out first

snake inside shoe

7.Don’t ask me, What it is

unknown creature inside sea

8.Looks like it was a great battle

bat vs snake

9.Crocodile swimming casually in beach 

crocodile swimming in beach

10.It’s not some bag’s handle but it is a big worm

a big worm

11.Should i not come in to check how you’ll doing?

snake inside toilet

12.Look who’s welcoming me

spider welcoming to open door

13.Summer Time Fun

slipper melts due to high summer


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