Unpredictable Genius Photos Captured Ever – Do Not Miss It

Sometimes the nature puts you in a place where the magic happens. No matter how many hours you wait and how many pictures you take to get one single perfect shot of your dreams. But when magic occurs this is what the result looks like. Check out the unpredictable genius photos captured ever.

1.Moon between the skyscrapers

Moon between skyscrapers

© 31_riiiii / twitter

2.Frog is working out like doing pull ups

frog working out

© nanase01 / twitter

3.When an elephant loves you expect a kiss on cheeks

elephant kissing a boy

© marnix14 / reddit

4.Aircraft trajectory

aeroplane take off

© tttks / twitter

5.Mom got a new hairstyle

girafee hairstyle

© FizzyFuzzball1 / reddit

6.An eagle holding a shark which is eating a fish

eagle holding a shark which is eating a fish

© wildd666 / reddit

7. Whales surfing near the boat

whales surfing near a boat

© reddit/ BurungHantu

8.Phone vibrated the same time i took a picture

camera vibrated

© posierahraaa / reddit


9.Now we know who wakes up early

early sun shine on window

© Kobogie / reddit

10.“My friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like I tamed a bird to perch on my hand.”

tshirt formed like eagle

© GallowBoob 1/ reddit

11.Humans need me – I need to go fast 

cat jumping from another cat

© Raumschiff / reddit

12.The beautiful wings and Perfect Timing 

bird below the sun

© FizzyFuzzball1 / reddit

13.Looks like somebody challenged it 

wine glass standing on the glass

© thumb_tani / twitter

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