Sky Photos From Another Earth – Never Miss List

1.Clouds showcasing different shades of gray

different shades of sky

© apoeticturtle / reddit

2.Clouds formed as UFO’s in capetown 

clouds formed like ufo

© mijlof / instagram

3.Are clouds about to shed a big drop of water from sky?

clouds formed like about to shed big water drops

© Marluxia513 / reddit

4.Count the layers of sky 


5.Clouds Formed As Human Foot Print On Sky 

6.Angel With Smoke Wings To fly 

smoke angel in sky

© Tech. Sergeant Russell E. Cooley IV

7. Cloud Dinosaur 

clouds formed as dinosaur

© Cape Ann Images

8.A big ocean in the sky with high waves

ocean in sky

© jebleez / imgur

9.The Glory Clouds

the glory clouds in the morning

© Mick Petroff

10.Watch the cloud horse 

clouds formed as horse

© unknown / reddit

11. The Smiling Pooh

bear pooh in clouds

© backt0nature / twitter

12.The fairy tale sky

fairy tale sky

© mijlof / instagram

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