People’s Creativity Level Is At PEAK, You can’t even imagine.

#1. No matter what, Safety is first always.

Safety First No Matter What

#2.  No spare, I don’t care – I am on my way

No spare, No problem

#3. Ask me how to get six packs in 6 minutes without going to GYM.

Six Packs In 6 Minutes

#4.I emit green lazer from my eyes, Move Away

Green Lazer From Eyes

#5. Food is love, Food is life

Food Is Life

#6. The emergency exit, Don’t use if it’s not emergency

Emergency Exit Not For Emergency

#7. The best DIY cooling pad for Laptop

DYI Cooling Pad For Laptop

#8. Multi purpose seat for your bike, Available in different colors. Want some?

Multi Purpose Seat For Bikes

#9. This flat is only for the FIT People!

Flats For Fit People

#10. I fought with my roommate for removing my mobile from charger

Fought With Roommate

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