My Life My Rules Kind Of People – New Collections

You may get to see my life my rules kind of people very rarely. So we brought you a collection of my life my rules kind of people for a treat for your eyes and if possible take some good notes out from them in a positive way.

Scroll down below to have a look

1.I will touch the table and take a photo

© Itoldyouyouwouldntregret / imgur


© acidcow

3.People can’t deny that I am smart

© mamahamster / reddit

4.Rule is for everyone sir

© acidcow

5.You don’t like it, IDC

© imgur / imgur

6.I make the rules

© acidcow

7.Brave men never cry

© acidcow

8.Can you sleep like this?

© PatronSaintofKillers / imgur

9.We will party no matter what

© acidcow

10.That lecture must be interesting

© IHateMulesTheyAreSoHalfAssed / imgur


12.Safe and Comfortable

© acidcow

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