Look Twice To Believe It With Your Own Eyes

This happens always in everyday life. When you seem something  but it turns out to something else. The same thing is here but different images to look twice and understand that it is not what it looks like

Scroll down below and have a look

1.Sweet candy pebbles? No, It is just pebbles

pepples looks like candy

© probably420stoned / reddit

2.Is this mutant pineapple? No, It is Palm Tree

mutant pineapple actual palm tree

© notnexus / reddit

3.Thumb Marshmallow 

© AEguyproductions / reddit

4.When you microwave a piece of soap it will look like a piece of freshly-baked bread.

turning soap into bread


© Horacioo / reddit

5.A cellphone​ tower disguised as a tree

mobile tower disguised as tree

© Lucascom / reddit

6.A piece of grapefruit decided to turn into a fly.

grapefruit looks like fly

© litsi / reddit

7.No, it’s not a bird. It’s just a crack in the windshield of a car.

window crack looks like a bird

© AshlynnMartell / reddit

8.A little black snake disguised itself under the straps of these flip-flops that have the same color and texture.

snake sitting in slipper

© facebook

9.When this sign wasn’t here, people used to put their purses and sit on the water thinking it was a well-polished table

water looks like marble

© jj420mc / reddit

10.It’s hard to tell a piece of abrasive paper looks like a juicy steak

paper looks like steak

© Darksenseofhumor / imgur

11.This little stone covered with moss looks like a tropical island in the middle of the ocean

normal stone looks like mountain

© pilaf / reddit

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