Isolated House For Introverts Who Needs Peaceful Life

The people who would like to stay out of the box in own dream kingdom, always prefers staying alone and dream about a house in island, on the mountain, near waterfalls and beach side. So we tried to bring a collection of isolated dream houses which is in real life. It would be the best place to live worry free.

1.On the mountain, Sea side Home – What more needed? Probably a good speed wifi 

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2.I use trees as fence creating its own micro climate 

© Raspberrywaffles / imgur

3.Is this the most  Introverted village in the world  

© Stefan Wisselink/flickr

4.The connecting bridge between introverted house 

© Tom Hannigan/flickr

5.Fence Built By Nature

© Alex Berger/flickr

6.The beauty 

© Brian Wolfe/flickr

7.I wanted to live in an island, Here I am 

© Yortw/flickr

8.I would never mind about transport mode to live here

© Domiriel/flickr

9.In the sea

© Huynh Helen/flickr

10.Living in own kingdom 

© Hans Juul Hansen/flickr

11.Private House, Personal Forest, Private Island 

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12.All shades of Green

© Per Mork/flickr

13.Height of 13,000 feet will get a wonderful view of clouds floating underneath their feet.

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14.I greet captains of the ship passing by my own island

© Tambako The Jaguar/flickr

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