Feel The Tension Of Each Picture & Understand The Situation

We all have reached to a smart state where we can judge the whole story with a single pic. To say what would have happened behind the scene. This post is to test yourself to analyze and understand the situation of what would have happened behind the scene that. Now we are getting to the see these pics and understand the pain.

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1.You guys asked for it

You asked me to shave half beard

© pzcoop / Twitter

2.Grandma caught my sister with a boy in her room. 

grandma caught sister with his bf in room

© GimmeApenny / Twitter

3. Is he feeling the rain or should we understand his pain

feeling the rain

© lyubovnica / Pikabu

4.Missing notice or warning notice

cat missing notice or warning notice

© DCLanger / Reddit

5.Each and Every roller coaster has its own painful story

mobile missed during roller coaster

© tvoycowboy / Pikabu

6.That moment when you realize there are cooler things in the world

boy looking cool at girl dancing

© kabourayan / Reddit

7.Looks like car map navigation messed up

car struck in between building

© chucho-jones-fan / Reddit

8.Somebody didn’t like the result it showed

pregnancy checker broken

© tatsusoccer0907 / Twitter

9.When your best friends gets into a relationship but you’re not willing to let him go

guy doesn't wants to leave his friend with his gf

© nicoleandrewssx / Twitter




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