Do Not Believe What You See On Social Media

We all can’t deny the fact that social media is booming everyday with loads of information and we also get to believe whatever we say on the internet. The listed below pics are just to entertain you and sometimes we do get tricked to believe about healthy habits and more other details to end up believing it is true while it is completely haox.

So do not believe anything you see online and scroll down to see some of the tricks people use for a good pic.

1.Finally I got into conclusion this is how they take building cliff photo, but read post title

fake legs view from top building

© urbinsanity / imgur

2.This is how much single I am 

fake gf cleaning my lip corner

© tumbl1r / imgur

3.Stop don’t take my pic, Am i saying this to myself?

fake gf taking my selfie

© StackerPentecost / reddit

4.Get caught if you use someone’s photo for your own purpose

fake post caught in twitter

© Rich Froning / Twitter

5.On a trip to europe in my day dreams

fake post of going to europe

© Kevin Wagstaff / Twitter

6.Using neighbor’s backyard to take pics

using neighbour backyard to take pics

© Annie / Instagram

7. I got new selfie stick

fake selfie stick

© unknown / imgur

8.This is my desk on vacation for today 

faking i am in beach

© MrPassingHam / Twitter

9.I bought a new car, No I am still in bus

fake snapchat of i bought new car

© Philip Lewis / Twitter

10.This should be called as PrankBook

fake macbook with real book

© Elder J / Twitter

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